What is a Blog?

If you are reading this you are probably one of the many people who are interested in setting up or perhaps someone who's researching to write about blogging. Whatever the case maybe. you're in the right channel.
Blog Defined
There is no other way to better start this post by writing a definition of a blog. From a basic standpoint a blog is simply a collection of text, hypertext or links, as well as images, and contain accounts about a certain topic of interest. This topic of interest could be about a person who's writing the blog, current events, gadgets and electronics, technology, art and culture, politics, etc.
Blog contents are usually arranged in reverse chronologically with the most recent written post showing or featured, or most relevant news on top. Such setting could be edited and changed depending on the preference of the user.
Blog comes from Web Log and assumed the shortened form for purpose of ease of writing and convenience. Each article posted on a blog is called blogpost, entries, or post. The activity has become what now known as blogging with the person doing the activity known as blogger. All these written accounts are published on the web and read in HTML browsers.
The style of writing in blogs is usually more relaxed or conversational. Because of the apparent liberty of creating a blog, some would sound more radical. In any case, it's informal like how this very post is written.
Blog platforms
Some of the popular blog platforms to date are Wordpress and Blogger. Others use Drupal and Joomla as their content management system although Wordpress alone could be used as blog platform and CMS at the same time.
All of these share the same usage and provide the ultimate goal to any aspiring bloggers - to be published. But perhaps being published is more of a personal expression rather than to the level of academic since many blogs has become a platform for personal expression and advocacy. Your choice of blog platforms all depends on your level of preference.
So you successful setup a blog, now what?
You should start writing your entries and begin filling it with useful content that will be useful for your readers. Followers will start increasing depending on the quality and your level of engagement in the blogosphere. Once you have a considerable amount of post, you can start hopping from one blog to another and begin your journey to connect with fellow bloggers whom you share the same interest. You can also begin leaving comments as part of your strategy to connect with them.
Your blog can also be a source of income. As you work your way up to publishing great content and start building huge following on your site, you can attract businesses to advertise on your blog or help them create a noise online to market their products and services.
Your blog is yours and you have complete control on what to publish and not. Leverage its use.

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