Off Page Optimization Tips

Off page optimization is technique of search engine optimization. Off page optimization is mainly compact with link building techniques. 
Off page optimization some useful tips are:

  • Quality of back links

In off page optimization quantity of quality links is very important factor to get good rank in search engine. Try to put your links in relevant categories on high page rank sites. for example :If you put 1000 of links in irrelevant sites it will not helpful to gain rank but if you put only 100 links in relevant categories you will get result very fast.

  • Use of social media

Social media like facebook, twitter LinkedIn and Google + are very popular in the world. Social media is good choice to promote and share your links because the more you share your link is better. Social media gives you a platform through which you can easily communicate with people, share your thoughts all over the world.

  • Avoid paid back links

If Google is find your website is paid it may be reduce your ranking and get black list for the search engine. So try to avoid paid links to your website.

  • Blog commenting

Blog commenting is also good choice to promote your links. Try to do blog commenting on dofollow and relevant blogs. 

  • Video submissions

Video submission is also a great idea to drive traffic. People generally prefer watch videos rather than reading any article. It better idea to post only related videos to your topic.

  • Anchor text of links

If you have a good content in your internal pages of sites then you make a anchor text (clickable text, if you click on that it will open where you want) of links. Anchor text must be active.Inactive anchor text are make bad impression to readres.

  • Forum

Forum posting or commenting are choice to gain traffic. In the forum you can create signature which is shows in every post. You can make forum interesting by making discussions and polls. Topics must be interesting and short so that people find time to respond them. You can easily interact with people through forums.

  • Article posting

Article submission is a very useful technique to share your ideas. It is really helpful to gain traffic. For the article submission Topic must be interesting and useful. While content must be unique. People like new ideas to read. It is very effective if topic and content both are unique to readers.

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